Si può…?

with Nincs hozzászólás

This is my first post here.
After years of having pieces of my pan-artistic and non-artistic production spread all over the internet, I thought time has come to give it a little own space. I am not going to make it self advertisement website though. Next to portfolios that shall be populated in some undefined time, I would like to keep a cultural blog in here: from classical music to modern literature and everything in between. Might happen that some review-ish paragraph will appear somewhere, considering the fact that I spend most of my free evenings in some theatre or concert hall – but I will try to avoid it for the sake of my own and others’ peace of mind.

The title line comes from the Pagliacci prologue – Si può…? Signore, signori… and says  May I? Ladies and gentlemen….

Being probably the most cliché audition piece for baritones (competing only with Leporello’s catalogue aria), besides it is also a thrilling number as such. Here in the unforgettable interpretation of Tito Gobbi.

May I? Ladies and gentlemen


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