A good person can surely be a terrible artist. Still no one will ever be a genuine artist unless he is a great human being and thus also a good one.

Marc Chagall

My name is Ariel Kaya (pick one or both or neither) and I live in Budapest with my two adopted cats Melinda and Nureyev.

I learned to read very very early and since then I never really stop reading. In the first years of my primary school I have begun to write stories – and in fact, I never ceased. I was writing diary and blog, reviews and articles, bad poetry and great essays, short stories and gargantuan novels… and I still write quite a lot. I always had a difficult relationship with my literature teachers, to this day I do not get the rule but there was always some conflict. At the moment I am working on The Daughter of the Witch. If I ever finish it, I would really like to have it printed. I think it’s worth it.

According to my high school diploma I am painter and graphic designer. I actually never thought about myself like this – I simply like to paint. The main reason I managed to finish that school was art history. I loved it back then and I still appreciate it now. We had amazing teacher who taught us to describe – then analyse – then understand art. To relate history, music, painting and literature – and to come to conclusions. I will be forever thankful for that.

If I had finished my first studies, I would have got a BA or maybe even MA in Theatre Science – but after one year I decided to put theatre science in the friend zone. Not that I didn’t love it – I still do. It’s just like when you move in with someone and discover he leaves his dirty underwear on the floor. For me that dirty underwear was most of the 20th century trends. All the naked breasts and penises hanging as decoration around the stage without any reason (if there’s a valid reason, I do not mind). After some months of effort put into understanding this kind of modern theatre, I let it go. I still love theatre, I leave the dirty panties part for someone else though, and I concentrate on the one that I find true. Not necessarily old-fashioned – but true.

There is no “modern” or “traditional”, there is THEATRE, with capital letters.

Klára Kolonits

If I had time to finish my second studies, I would probably have BA degree in Musicology. I always – read: always – loved music, mainly so-called classical music. I was singing (terribly) since I can remember (and there are VHS proofs of that). At 6 years old I was fat short girl with gorgeous hair reaching her butt, who was dying to go to the music school and play the violin. The family was not really supportive for this idea, to say the least. I am 26 and I never even held a violin. I did not die, as you may guess – in fact I was dying a little every time I was at a classical music concert or while listening to big black vinyls of my grandfather, but that is pretty much it. I think that this fat short girl with gorgeous hair is still dying to go to the music school and play the violin – just the world around her grew up. Meanwhile when I was 16, I went to an opera performance first time. Since then I went crazy about opera theatre. Of course I tried singing myself, I still try because as I said, since I can remember – I really love to sing. If you ask my neighbours they will probably tell you it is still terrible. If you ask me, it is way better: at least now I can keep the melody intact. Musicology was – and still is – a complementary thing. I have learnt a lot of things, I had some really good professors on both universities I studied on. I almost finished these studies, I even wrote the thesis – there were some administrative and logistical problems and in the end I just have my Polish language thesis on a contemporary (very contemporary) Hungarian composer hanging somewhere on my hard drive. Pretty useless, you might say, but I don’t regret having it written as I do not regret all those things I tried and apparently did not finish.

It was all for a reason. Thanks to all this I was always surrounded by all kinds of art and human science. Through these years I also met a lot of artists and some Artists. Some of them – the ones with the capital A – remain in my life for a while already and I am incredibly thankful for each of them because they enrich the world and the people around them with endless amount of beauty, the tissue their souls are made of.

This website is a humble attempt of giving it all a signature. I keep writing, I still paint sometimes – and design websites, for that matter – and I still sing sometimes. I spend every free moment in any theatre that I can enter (even better, through the back door). I run (when it’s not damn cold, I mean), I take photographs, I spoil my cats and others’ children, I work in the least artistic IT company you can think about and I am personal assistant to a fantastic opera soprano – that honourable function consists of most unusual task you may imagine – and brings such an amount of joy that exceeded even my (endless) imagination. Recently, I put my energy also in a completely new project: Falcon Artists International. Doing all that and more I try to remember these two sentences of Marc Chagall, first at the beginning of this post, second following.

I feel the relative rightness of our paths and the ridiculousness of everything that is not obtained through one’s own senses or one’s own soul, that is not pervaded by love.

Marc Chagall

I do not consider myself an artist, though I would like to be one day. But trying to be a good person and make least harm possible – and feel, and experience, and love – is a good deal of work anyway.



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