Un éclat du voix

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I love dead people. No, but really. When I first heard Witold Lutosławski speaking on the radio, he was dead since about fifteen years. To understand his music I needed another couple of years but when I did, it was … Read More


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  Rudolf Nureyev died of AIDS on January 6th, 1993. For a personal touch, I would like to share a story. In summer 2014 I was looking for a companion for my feline friend. Having scrolled through endless amount of fluffy … Read More


with Nincs hozzászólás

La marquise n’aura pas de beau temps pour son voyage. – Marquise won’t have good weather for her journey, reportedly said Louis XV, when Jeanne was leaving Versailles for the last time. No one has seen him saying goodbye to … Read More

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