The daughter of the witch



The Austro-Hungarian Empire is at the doorstep of the Great War.

At the turn of the century doctor Dénes Graner, having married his brother’s widow who was expecting a child at that time, bought Kincsem villa hidden in the Buda hills. Now he is living his peaceful, upper-middle class life in there together with his family, treating the girl as if she were his own daughter.

Mária Anna Molnár after sudden death of her beloved father was forced to marry the older of Graner brothers: Péter, the architect. Unwillingly, she also became a muse of the Millennium because of her rare beauty. In certain circles she was even more popular – for being the most extraordinarily gifted medium at that time, despite her young age. Now as Ms. Graner the younger, she is host of literary salon, wife and mother. She almost forgot her spiritualistic past.

Kornélia Graner is as stubborn, passionate and full of life as a girl can be at her age. Falling in love and falling down from horse’s back with the same frequency, with no bigger harm from any of those incidents, she dreams about studying in the Glass School in Venice she visited during Biennale – the trip having been a gift for her fifteenth birthday.

Franz Ferdinand and Sophie got murdered on June 28th, 1914. Since then, things gradually become different in Europe. If possible, they become even more different in the Kincsem villa.

Not the first book I am writing, but the only one I would read myself: so the one I decided to continue

Cover picture

Johan Gudmundsen-Holmgreen (1858-1912)